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ISM @ Human Chain(Jal Jeevan Hariyali)

03-05-2020 16:24:49


The Human chain is scheduled to be organised by the state government. Its aim is to promote the campaign of state government  ; Jal Jivan Haryali.

Students of ISM Patna has actively participated and created Human chain from Ara Park, Jagdevpath to Diggha Mod Patna. They had shown their support to the government with their hand made posters.  The enthusiasm of students cannot be narrated in the words.

As we know environmental pollution is the defiling of our land, air and water. It is the biggest problem in the modern world. It is a problem in which the guilty and the innocent suffer alike. It knows no national barriers or differences of caste and religion. The development of science and technology has made our lives very comfortable, but it has also resulted in a fearful population explosion. As a result, our cities have become over-crowded, and their atmosphere has become polluted.

So, with this human chain our student has shown their support to the environment and promised that they will always take care of our climate.