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A Guest Lecture on Machine Learning using Python on 18, 25 April, 2020

03-05-2020 14:34:58

A two days webinar guest lecture is organized by IT-Dept.  ISM Patna on the topic of “Machine learning using Python on Google Meets The session is started By HoD-IT professor Mr. K.L. Ambashtha by giving a brief introduction of the mentor Dr. Vishwambhar  Pathak, who is a Asst. Professor at BIT Mesra Jaipur. During his first day (18/04/20) session he emphasize over the Machine learning and the algorithms to train the model. He explain about the predictive and descriptive methods used for data mining

The second session is held on 25/04/2020 this is a hand on experience sessions the trainer uses Google Colab application where the students learn how to perform the task of data analysis and data visualization by using the library of the pythons. Really this is an interactive session where students have raised different query and get the response from the trainer Participants are very much excited during the session and learnt a lot practical application of Machine learning using Python