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A Workshop On “Data Science” held on (19-20 Feb., 2020)

03-05-2020 14:42:38

The Workshop is to acquaint the students with the latest trend in computer science. During courses student follow the curriculum developed by the University to pass the examination, but whenever come out for job they face difficulty in integrating the topics learnt with tools in Application development. During the workshop they are learning to implement the methodologies with current and up-to-date tools of computer science practically. Today, he cited that students learn to develop code in PYTHON programming language. But, they have no knowledge of how this language will be integrated with tools like PANDA, NUMPY and Matlab etc. to develop Applications. How unstructured data file may be converted to CSV (Column Separated Value) file?  


The students are very enthusiastic with the delivery made during the first day. Tomorrow some practical sessions are organised, and participants of the workshop are asked to come with preparations to make the session more interactive and purposeful.