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Health Camp at ISM Patna on 13 March 2020

03-05-2020 16:20:04

Every year we celebrate 8th March as International Women’s Day. On this day, special talks, gathering and activities are planned. A day is spent with fun and frolic, appreciating the hardship and efforts put by the women and rest of the year, we forget their relentless job. But, at ISM Patna, students of Social Welfare Club thought a bit different and have decided to organize a special health camp for women and girls. With the overwhelming support of Ms. Raj Sinha, Life Member of BCCW, who is also associated with Paras HMRI Hospital, contacted six consultants and planned to organize a Health Talk followed by free health check-up.

The students of Social Welfare Club who made available not only doctors, but also went to nearby villages like Sarari, Usri, Asopur, Lakhnibigha to spread information about the health camp, made arrangement of vehicle so that women and girls can come to campus without any inconvenience. The information was also floated to nearby colleges like LNMI, JD Women’s, PWC, etc. Students from these colleges and institutes have also participated in the health talk and have availed the benefit of free health check-up.

The Medical camp was inaugurated by the group of doctors at 9.30 am and went on till 1 pm. Each consultant tried their best to share valuable information and tips to maintain physical fitness. Each doctor asked a few questions and those who have answered correctly, got a wonderful gift. The volunteers worked diligently taking care of registrations, assisting doctors (Gyneacology, Spine and Ortho Consultants and Opthomology depts. and a few technicians). They also systematically managed the visitors who have come for the check-up.

The end of this great healthy day saw many of them sporting a happy smile, eyes glowing with kindness and a sense of gratitude. Students of Social Welfare Club thanked each consultant: Dr. Sabbir Waris, Dr. Neha, Dr. Madhu, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Ratnesh and Dr. Abhishek, who left the capus f ISM Patna with a sense of accomplishment and clearly with a beautiful thought that the day was well spent!