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The objective of this institute is to pursue excellence in the field of technical & professional education and to groom students to take the responsibilities & challenges of personal as well professional life.

Why ISM?

The first thing that greets you when you enter ISM is the ambience. We listen from you to understand your need. Extend our valuable services so that you can achieve your goal.

Mentoring Program
Mentors can help students understand the culture of ISM and navigate its administration in enriching attitude, skills and knowledge of the students. The process of mentoring will definitely help students in attaining valuable education plus in building strong personality and character.

Integration of teachers’ ideology with students’ aspiration can pave the way to success. Teachers and students need to work in team and at ISM, special emphasis is given on hand holding so that every student is taken well care. ISM rewards intradepartmental and interdepartmental sharing of wisdom and experience to increase in the quality of classroom teaching.

Parental Involvement
Many parents want to know what's going on in class but have no way of figuring out how to do this. Thankfully, this is something that ISM is in practice of to bridge the gap and create awareness among the parents about the performance of the students in the institute.

Vision To develop centre of excellence in management education, research and training.
Mission To impart high quality management education through engagement of outstanding instructors and continuous research and to create a system that nutures ideas that will contribute towards nation building process.
Belief As seamless as the formation of nature by its five core elements—Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space, at ISM Patna we believe, the force of the 'Consummate Managers' will accelerate Bihar's Global Awakening and Economic Empowerment.