International School of Management Patna is a member of ASSOCHAM India. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), India's premier apex chamber covers a membership of over 4 lakh companies and professionals across the country. It was established in 1920 by promoter chambers, representing all regions of India. International School of Management Patna keeps organising workshops/seminars /student visits in close association with these organisations.

With this association International School of Management Patna and its students & faculty is getting benefit in myriads of ways:

1. Close interaction with ASSOCHAM’s renowned Members, Central & State Governments, international agencies and academia.

2. Assistance to trade and industry in becoming competitive in national and international markets.

3. Expert advice on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate laws.

4. Regular and timely information on latest national and international policies Govt. Legislations and technical developments.

5. Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of business for overall business development.

6. Analysis of legislation: Helping policy makers, foreign investors and trade and industry.

7. Platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.

8. Participate in the National Committees/Task Forces of ASSOCHAM.

9. Assist identifying joint venture partners at various national and international events organized by ASSOCHAM.

10. Access to ASSOCHAM periodicals/publications: ASSOCHAM Bulletin, News & Views Weekly etc.

11. Access to library, Study Reports & Data etc.