Cryptocurrency Part 1: Tips to Gain from Safe Investment in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Part 1: Tips to Gain from Safe Investment in Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies which has got its name from the technology ‘cryptography’ that is used for its security.
The cryptocurrency is in Hypergrowth. It is growing parabolically for the last few years. But very few people have awareness and knowledge about it.

The harsh reality of Cryptocurrency and how to win in the end
The coin’s value is speculative and hence it can get crashed without any valid reason. The cryptocurrency market is ruled by ‘Greed’ and ‘Fear’. Hence people end up by buying at high and selling at low.

Things to do to get the best result:

1. Do research and know your asset: First do your research on cryptocurrency and know every bit about your investment asset. Know about the different types of cryptocurrencies that are available and information related to all of them. For all data on cryptocurrency, go to the site

2. Be informed and do not gamble: Join telegram for cryptocurrency, for instance, Linear- A Decentralized Delta One Asset protocol. One should stay tuned to news channels such as and Twitter can also be another way of getting updated about cryptocurrencies daily or at least weekly.

3. Know the top and updated stories regarding cryptocurrencies to track the market mood: For any relevant stories on cryptocurrency, just type ‘cardano’ on google and get the top stories related to cryptocurrency.

4. Avoid personal emotions: Fear, greed, fear of missing out(FOMO) and market‘s emotion should be used to maximize return. Joining the community can help to track other people’s emotions.

5. Keep track of your buy and sell prices: A plan should be used for a ‘Buy price’ and a ‘Sell price’.

6. Follow the cryptocurrency cycle: Cryptocurrency follow a market cycle ranging from 18 months to 2 years, with alternate bullish and bearish trend. Euphoria indicates TOP and Despair indicates BOTTOM. One needs to enter the cycle during Despair and exit during Euphoria. Bull markets are further accelerated by media and new investors whereas bear markets are accelerated by fear as soon as the price plumb.

In my next article, CRYPTOCURRENCY PART 2: GOLDEN WAYS TO SPOT THE CORRECT TIME TO BUY AND THE CORRECT TIME TO SELL, I will discuss about some of the golden ways to spot the correct time to buy cryptocurrencies and the correct time to sell it, so that you can beat the cryptocurrency market.

Author:- Saanyukta Sikdar
ISM Patna

Time to Refine HR Practices

The importance of better work practices was felt by many researchers. Effective management of human resource depends on refining HRM practices to changing conditions. Organization’s success now is measured by how they prioritize the needs.

Today the entire human race gets griped by a deadly pandemic. In a very short period of time, individuals and businesses are compelled to fight with the basic question of survival. Organizations are finding for ways to maintain business continuity and best practices to be followed. There is pressing need to rethink and redesign the HRM practices to operate in new normal. This is a testing time too for every one that on how quickly we adapt, how differently we can plan and execute and how strongly we emerge from this suffering.

I personally believe, the role of a HR Manager should be defined by what it delivers. They need to identify first what they want to deliver as an Organization? “Commitment” or “Control”. HR should for responsible for the architecture of the model which can be used in the process to produce the desired result. There is a need of value based model due to close relationship between what employee’s “HAVE”, how they “FEEL” and what they “DO”.

So what matters today?
• How can we create a work environment for high level of performance with employee engagement and commitment?
• What cultures drive the most productive workplaces?
• What equations enable a true merging of human capability with technology in the new normal?
• What can be the Best HR practices for the profitability with growth?

While strategy formulation HR needs to be proactive in understanding the above question. It is an entirely new phase with newer interfaces and the goal here is to create fresh ways for working for the upcoming years. The HR Manager can take the lead to maintain smooth Organizational functioning for the success and growth.

Author:- Pooja Dubey
ISM Patna

The Role of Positive Emotions in Our Well-being

All normal people have feelings. Perhaps we have feelings all the time, even if the intensity varies greatly. In order to recognize ourselves and others, it is decisive for us to perceive, interpret and respond to our own feelings and those of others. Emotions frequently results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and action. Hundred of research papers are asserting that emotions are ubiquitous to human life. It fluctuates through the highs and lows, but we have the ability to enhance our own sense of well-being. We spend an inordinate amount of time and energy in waiting for something because we truly believe that the change we anticipate will enhance the quality of our lives. We obstinately cling to this position even though life’s circumstances don’t really change. While we can control the circumstances to some extent rather many situations are beyond our command but how we choose to spend our days or direct our attention can have a significant contribution to our happiness levels. A neurobiologist Antonio Damasio asserts, feelings are emotions that are perceived and understood by the one who experiences them. Emotional confrontation will always stimulate turbulence, annoyance, and disturbance.

The current world is a stress-ridden world, fast pace of life aggravates the situation further. Maintaining balance in life is exceedingly crucial. We need to develop a composed, serene, and tranquil state of mind in all types of situations. If we want to progress in our lives, then we have to attune ourselves with positive emotions. The positive emotions like love, joy, pride, inspiration etc are likely to strike you as desirable emotions to experience. Most people agree that striving to increase your experiences of these emotions is a worthy cause. Whether you stay on monarchy of happiness it is importance to make conscious effort to experience one of these emotions further.

The Broaden and Build Theory, developed by Barbara Fredrickson, explain that positive and negative emotions plays vary roles in a person processing and personal development. The outcomes are not limited to one area of being rather span across every nook and cranny of the human experience. The major benefits of experiencing positive emotions that it moderate the impact of stressful events on coping ability, and in turn, psychological and physical well-being. It allows individuals to bounce back from stressful events and find meaning in negative experiences and to decrease depressive symptoms. The positivity at work led to enhanced self-efficacy, which in turn increased job and relationship satisfaction and mental health. Many conducted research confirming that different positive emotions lead to different positive outcomes. When humans are content, or happy, the wiring in our brain changes in ways that scientists are still trying to understand.

Each and every individual needs to understand this that keeping a proper balance is must so we should plan every move in life, be it our career or our relationships. Make sure to give hundred percent in everything we do. Also, never neglect health, must spend quality time with friends & family and indulge in a passion.

Here, I have merely scratched the surface in the article but it seems like a worthwhile research topic. There is a world of positive emotion to be discovered and applied in psychological research and practical set.

Author:- Pooja Dubey
ISM Patna

Blockchain has the Potential to Change the World

Blockchain is relatively a new technology that is constantly becoming an integrated part of the corporate ecosystem. Blockchain is a new way of information sharing and communication within a corporate and its stakeholders for example suppliers and distributors. As businesses expand and keep on adding more and more stakeholders, the importance of information sharing among them increases. As the business keeps on expanding, the firms will establish business relations with companies they know very little about. So the trust factor comes into play. A lot of information is exchanged among the firm and its stakeholders which is of vital importance. The role of Blockchain is to prepare and maintains the way of sharing information which is verified by all the members of the value chain. So no one can change the shared data without the approval of all the other stakeholders. Data is shared with all the parties which are doing business with each other on real-time basis. So Blockchain brings in reliability and accuracy in the shared data. This reduces the problem of trust deficit to a large extent. Blockchain has not become a buzzword and is being rapidly adopted by all the leading organizations of the country.

Blockchain is not only about business to business communication. The customers in western countries are using it to get all the information about perishable food items. We know that the concept of packaged food is very prevalent and customers want to know everything about the packaged item that they are about to consume. Some companies have come up with a unique concept using Blockchain technology to provide all the information about the food item which is being purchased by the customer. By scanning the package of the food item, the customer can get to know when the food item was purchased from the farmer when the food item reached the factory to get processed and for how many days has the food item spent in company’s warehouse.

So the Blockchain era has just begun!!

Author:- Nityanand Deva
ISM Patna

Lockdown in India: Human Resource is at the Front Line

This crisis is teaching us many important lessons. A numerous positive things are happening in the world. We are supporting each other. We are more creative and innovative than ever before. We can work flexibly from home in many roles where previously this may have been denied as an option. The change from our normal patterns of living has already had a significant positive effect on the levels of pollutants in the atmosphere and on our planet. Tele work potentially offering significant savings on fuel, office space, carbon emissions, improves productivity and morale and even reduce stress too. But there are a lot of practical challenges which needs to be address to keep running in this condition. It’s a paradoxical time and the paradox is happening in business. We’re still in the middle of this crisis, where the future isn’t fully clear. Will this go on for a few days, months, or are we going to have health and economic disruption for years?

This is a highly complex, unprecedented situation, so there is no clear, universal action template available for organizations to adopt. Recognizing that many organizations are currently unprepared for a long-term shift to remote work.

2020 was the start of a new decade. Whether for-profit or nonprofit, large or small, most companies set a revised strategy for the decade that included short- and long-term business objectives. Many organizations must plan to begin this year with individual and team goals tied to employee performance and success targets. The physical and mental wellbeing of people, organizations and entire societies is under enormous threat, dramatically changing the priorities of business leaders. So it is important to revisit the 2020 roadmaps to know how organizations will address success factor. HR will need to refocus the strategy on post-corona recovery and growth. This will in fact, will boost the organizations success story. HR thus needs to be taking lead role in understanding what makes people engaged, what cultures drive the most productive workplaces and what equations enable a true merging of human capability with technology for driving success. It’s time to make work easier, bring people together in a digital way, and refocus our priorities on trust, compassion, and action. The one way to stay competitive is by ensuring that the right people are hired and understanding of mutual goal should be on priority in order to survive in the unpredictable times coming up. Ethics is needed to tell the truth. Take care of people, customers, society, and the environment. Do not accept mediocrity and learn to be “great” at what you do. Hold yourself accountable for excellence. In this reset, we enter a new world of trust-centric business. Let’s hope this reset sticks with us.

The best HR knows that there is no exception that one should never let a crisis go to waste.The current state of affairs allows them to display their leadership and decision-making skills in new ways. It is the responsibility of each member of each organization to put in their utmost and helps to maintain everyone’s morale and keep the relationship intact as the world moves through this challenge and maintain smooth business functioning.

Author:- Pooja Dubey
ISM Patna

AI and Social Media

I have revolutionized and transformed social media in many innovative Ve with around 3 million people connected to the social media platform. They generate a huge mass of data. now my question is, Why should social media be concerned about all these data floating around? The answer of this question is that, Meta –Data is Great Value to social media platforms. Social Network and keep all relevant information as per their need, wants and choices of the user from multiple geographical locations. Social media gets the information monetized when they share their platform with advertisers and marketers are one single solution for this scenario. Social media is a most productive ground for advertiser and marketers as it is offering them to use AI to introduce real life shopping experience for their customers there are different examples where AI has been helping social media marketing. I have successfully acted as a social monitoring tool to help the businesses by tracking and collecting “brand mentions” by offering a number of features such as scheduling, analytics, monitoring etc. AI has the ability to social media network in different stages of content management. Social media is supposed to be dynamic, vibrant lively 24 into 7 platform social interaction and meetings. Records the social activities and provides auto scheduling features to make sure that already created and saved posts are automatically posted.AI also record the information to outline the solution and design for future improvements.

Author:- Vandana Verma
ISM Patna

Be an Invincible Commando

The phrase ‘Survival of the fittest’ was coined way back in the Darwinian evolutionary theory. Today, during this prevailing corona pandemic situation, not only the whole economy of the country and world is passing through a survival test, the existence of human being is also becoming a matter of deep concern.

Now the question is, firstly, how to survive, secondly and more important is, how to make ourselves fit enough to contribute significantly to our family, organisation, society and nation so that the loss can be recovered as much as possible and as soon as possible. It means that, we have to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit to overpower this intruder and take the situation under our stride. We have to develop ourselves as an invincible commando. For this, we have to adopt a complete transformational approach-360 degree transformation. How?

Physical transformation can come from- a) nutritional diet, b) yoga & exercise c) quality sleep and d) hygiene Mental and emotional transformation can come from- a) positive thoughts, b) enthusiasm and winning instinct, c) faith in yourself and Almighty and d) meditation.

We have to realign everything related to our lifestyle, how we are spending our 24 hours, what are our priorities, what are the thoughts our mind is occupied with. Analyse and do some introspection. Wake up, Train, Energise and Powerise the commando in you to fight against all odds. Definitely we can.

Author:- Ravi K Singh
ISM Patna