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A workshop on " Google Meet Guide for Teachers" on 19/7/20

21-07-2020 12:11:26

Objective :  During this pandemic era how the faculty member of ISM Patna conduct hassle free    online virtual classes with Google meet  so that the students will become more interactive

A workshop on   Google Meet  Guide For Teachers is conducted by IT –Department on 19/07/20. The resource person is Mr. K.L. Ambashtha   HoD -IT ISM Patna   there were   11 faculty members who has participated into the workshop for enhance their technical skill. The workshop is conducted through the Google meet link. The attendance and feedback is collected through the Google form

Outcomes: During the session Participant comes to know :

How to create Meeting Link through Google Calendar.How invite the guest through email id,How to start and join the meeting,How the session recording will be started, How the slide will be presented during the meeting, How the presenter can be pin and unpin into the meeting ,How the micro phone of the participant can be turn off and ,How a participant can be forcibly  removed from the meeting