A Webinar on “Cyber Security Necessity in Today’s World”


In the present scenario, sensitive data is continuously at risk and different types of technologies and processes are designed to protect it. The data here can refer to one saved on devices, programs, software networks and more. Any sort of unauthorized access to such information is a security breach and hence strong measures are taken to prevent it.

As most of the students is lacking knowledge in Cyber Security. So, International School of Management, Patna in association with BackBencher has organized a webinar on “Cyber Security Necessity in Today’s World”. The resource person is Ms. Nilowfer Rahman, Senior Cyber Security Engineer from World Informatix Cyber Security.

All the faculties and students not only from ISM but also from different colleges actively participated in the webinar and learn the importance of Cyber Security and understand the technical terms related to it. The session started with the introduction and the importance of Cyber Security. She suggested that it is not only beneficial for IT students but also for all the students from different streams, because the matter is not just restricted to the personal, financial and sensitive data of a business but it can even pose a threat to national security. So, Cyber Security has a very broad area.

During the session, she discussed many issues of cyber security and what will be the effective measures to overcome such situations. All the participants enjoyed the session .The webinar has been ended with an open question answer session.