A National Webinar on “New age Guru- Changing Perspectives in Teaching & Learning”


A National Webinar on “New age Guru- Changing Perspectives in Teaching & Learning” was organized by International School of Management (ISM), Patna on 5th Sept., 2020 from 11.00 AM to 01.00 PM, on the occasion of Teachers Day.

Webinar started with the message from Shree Samrendra Singh, Honorable Chairman of ISM Patna Mundeshwari College of Teachers Education (MCTE); and Mundeshwari Group, read out by the moderator Ms. Neeru Kumari. It served as a great source of inspiration for all the staff, panelists and participants of the webinar. Dr. Prasanta Kumar Padhy, Director, ISM Patna presented an introduction to the webinar and invited panelists, besides explaining the DARE Model of Competencies that is to be developed among both the New Age Teachers and students. Eminent panel speaker. Prof. Shalini Verma, who is also the proud daughter of Patna, author, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Samvaadshala derived the role of teachers from Indian society, culture and ethos. She also identified the relevance of manners and etiquette (like Namaskar, Body Language, Yoga etc.) from Indian perspective. It followed the address by another key speaker, Prof. Ajay Kumar, Director G L Bajaj Institute of Management and Research, Greater Noida, who shared meaningful insights on student- teacher interface as the success mantra for New Age Gurus. Another excellent key speaker was Prof. Abhay Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Pratap University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, who outlined role of students as Intrapreneur and Entrapreneur, with an emphasis on changing mind-sets of New Age Gurus. An eminent panelist, Prof, R. Ravi Kumar from IIM, Bangalore, though joined the event in the beginning, could not continue with his valuable talk due to technical issues at his end. The recorded speech of this panelist would be uploaded by the organizers in due course of time. Webinar was concluded with the remarks of Ms. Shilpi Kavita, Convenor, and Vote of Thanks offered by Nayan Ranjan Sinha, Co- Convenor of the event.

This webinar was monitored and facilitated by the Visionary Vice-Chairman of ISM Patna, Shri. Deval Singh, the HR Manager, Shri Abhishek Anand, and all the distinguished teaching and non-teaching members of ISM, Patna. More than a thousand visitors joined the event on Zoom and Facebook platforms. All the registered participants of the webinar would be issued with e-Certificates.