One Day National Webinar on "Big Data Analytics"


The Department of Information Technology (IT), International School of Management in Technical collaboration with Computer Society of India (CSI) organized and successfully conducted Webinar on theme “Big Data Analytics”.

As scheduled at 11:00 AM, Webinar commenced with welcome by Moderator Ms. Jaya Kumari, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of IT, ISM. The Presidential address was done by Prof. P. K. Padhy, Director, ISM. Afterwards, the theme of the Webinar was introduced and its rationality explained by Mr.R. Dayal, Asst. Prof., Deptt. of IT, ISM.

The chief Guest of the occasion was Prof.(Dr.) A. K. Nayak, Advisor, IIBM Group of institutions, former President and Fellow of CSI; & Former President (ICT) ISCA . He addressed the session and visualized that how volume of data are expanding, thrusting the necessity of “Big Data Analytics”. During address he explained about the technological revolution, role of data and the big data environment indicating 5 Vs (Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity, and Versatility) about data.

The Key-note speaker Prof. Durgesh Kumar Mishra, Director and Professor (CSE) & Founder Director, Microsoft Innovation Centre at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology, Indore, MP, during delivery gave an excellent outline on “Big data in Cloud Computing and data science”. He explained in detail with help of power point presentation about Big data, data analysis, visualization of data information continuum from data to wisdom, he also added the scientific method as an ongoing process, sources characteristics, trustworthiness, and opportunities of Big Data including the “V” factors.

Invited speaker on the Theme, Prof. Subhash Chandra Yadav, Professor and Head, Department of Compute Sc. & Technology, Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi provided valuable information about „Growing need of today?s business scenario: Big Data?. He explained generation and volume enhancement of data by change of time connoting the messages (form of data) passed on various social media by us. With the help of Power point presentation detailed the generation, storage, accessing, analysis, visualization, retrieval, and security of Data. He also added the role of „V? factors as „Data at rest?, „Data in motion?, „Data in versatile forms?, and in last „Data in doubts?. He completed the delivery with briefing about the values of Big data analytics.

The Guest of Honor Prof. Shams Raza, IGNOU program In charge, & Regional Vice President, CSI shared his valuable knowledge with delegates. He explained about the concept of data warehousing and query processing which turn into data mining. He elaborately described the origination of big data their analysis and sharing with mankind denoting the utilization during Pandemic.

The webinar concluded with a proposition of vote of thanks by Ms. Vandana Verma, Asstt. Prof., Deptt. of IT, ISM. In last the Chief Guest lauded the efforts of ISM initiated in various sphere of activity along with Management & Computer Science Education. Also made assurance that CSI will provide technical support as and when required.

The webinar provided a thorough understanding of concept on Big Data Analytics with various possible scenarios in real world. These enriched knowledge with a deep understanding and clarity on new development in the area.