Anti Ragging Awareness Drive


Offering memorial tribute to academician, administrator, spiritual son of the soil and doyen of ISM and Mundeshwari College for Teacher Education, Late Shree Tarkeshwar Singh, elder brother of Shree Samrendra Singh, ISM organised a Memorial Lecture on Cohort Based Learning on his 5 th Death Anniversary on the 13 th August. The distinguished resource persons of this E-lecture, Mr. K.P.S. Keshri, Ex-President BIA, Prof Pramod Pathak, Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad and Mr. Sanjay Singh Associated with Mundeswari Multicon Pvt. Ltd. ISM and Mundeshwari enlightened the participants with their theoretical and practical knowledge of cohort learning and also shared their heart touching live experiences with Sri Tarkeshwar Singh. Prof Pathak presented basic principles of cohort learning as hybrid of online and offline class and learning methods under the exigencies of Corona period. He also highlighted five C critical problems i.e. connection, connectivity, competence, concern and culpability, concerned with online learning methods. Emphasising on offline class room teaching methodology he advocated hybrid model of class till the corona situation gets normalised. On the other hand Mr. Keshri focused on promoting entrepreneurship skill development in the students. Mr. Sanjay Singh got very emotional in recollecting all the inspiring memories and contributions of late Shri Tarkeshwar Singh to all the sections of society. This inspiring lecture was convened and moderated by Assistant Professor Ms. Shilpi Kavita. The whole programme was ended up with the vote of thanks presented by Mr. Nayan Ranjan Sinha.

The program started in time, by chairperson of the committee Mr. Rajeshwar Dayal. He explained the Ragging, as a menace that causes fear and shock among students resulting in various dejections, drop-out or even suicidal attempts by fresher in educational institutions. It was also announced that few displays will be installed in the campus containing:

1) Acts comes under the preview of ragging
2) Punishment(s) awarded against ragging
3) Name and contacts of persons to report

Henceforth, with the help of a PowerPoint presentation, committee member Mr. Nayan Ranjan Sinha, explained all the instruction which would have inscribed on the Display board. Afterwards, another member Ms. Pooja Dubey, addressed the students, and asked students to volunteer their services to curb the menaces like Ragging. With consent 10 students nominated as Volunteer.

The students’ queries were responded, and with slogan ‘Say No to Ragging’ the sessions concluded at about 02:30 PM.