National Workshop on Web Application Attack


Intending to make internet users aware of cyberattacks on web applications, IT Department of ISM Patna organised a virtual National Workshop on Web Application Attack on 28August 2021. The eminent expert of cyber security as the resource person of this programme, Mr. TanveerQazi, Security Consultant Synopsys Software Integrity, Solutions, Bengaluru, demonstrated various technical aspects of hacking and preventing personal and professional data. It was a great opportunity for the participants to learn about the Cyber world, Cyber Security, Software Architecture, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, Web Application Attack, Preventions of Web Attacks through live demonstrations and deliberations. Defining web application attack as serious vulnerabilities which allow criminal to gain direct and public access to database in order to churn sensitive data, Mr. Qazi dealt with some types of Web Application Attacks like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Username Enumeration, Exposed Administrative Interface, cross-site frequent forgery and D Dos Attacks by using web application firewalls, secure coding techniques, latest coding methods and libraries, installing latest updates. He also made the participants aware of preventing their computers, applications, network, and sensitive data from different types of cyber-attacks by using protected techniques of Application, operations, encryption, Access control and end user education.