2 Days International Workshop on “Digital Marketing Trends: What the Future Holds”


The Department of Information Technology (IT), International School of Management organized and successfully conducted International Workshop on theme “Digital Marketing Trends: What the future Holds” dated 25th and 26 th June, 2021 from 10:00 AM on Zoom platform. First day of workshop (25th June, 2021) was inaugurated by Mr. R. Dayal, Head, Deptt. of IT. He welcomed the Resource person Mr. Amlan Das and Mr. Apraatim Bhatia from Streamlyn Media & Academy of Digital Marketing, Bangalore After the introduction of theme, formal introduction of Mr. Amlan Das and Mr. Apraatim Bhatia from Streamlyn Media & Academy of Digital Marketing, Bangalore was given by Moderator Ms. Raj Sinha, Asst Professor, thereafter requested him to start the workshop. The topic of first day workshop was Core Vitals of Digital Marketing.

Mr. Amlan Das has wonderfully explained the following key highlights:

  • Concept of Digital Marketing
  • Brief understanding of SEO, SEM, SMM and Programmatic Advertising
  • Role of Data in Digital Marketing
  • Career opportunities in Digital Marketing

Practical Approach were explained by Mr.Apraatim Bhatia who is Digital Marketer. He explained SEO,SEM and SMM With help of live example on network. At the end he reviewed ISM Patna Website in brief to explain digital marketing.

Second Day of workshop i.e., 26th June, 2021 was started by formal welcome speech given by Moderator Ms. Raj Sinha, Asst Professor who also introduced the motto to conduct such kind of workshop by ISM, Patna, “Digital Marketing is the truth we cannot ignore anymore! . Then she introduced Shashi Kiran an Adjunct Faculty at San Clara University, Leavey School of Business, California, United States who has 20+ years of professional experience in Analytics and Business Planning. The topic was Digital Marketing Analytics. After that she requested him to start the session

Mr. Shashi kiran has demonstrated the different ways the Social Media is collecting the data. This data is converted into insights which further helps in taking decision based upon our behavior.

Key Highlights includes:

  • What is digital marketing, what are the levers
  • How Google, Facebook, Twitter is tracking your movement
  • How companies decide which channel is most productive and where to invest next dollar