Workshop on "Web Platform – JavaScript Journey and Beyond"


Resource Person: Mr. Abhinav Kumar, Sr. Consultant, Capgemini India, Pune.

The Department of Information Technology (IT), International School of Management organized and successfully conducted Workshop today from 11:00 AM on aforesaid theme on Zoom platform. The Workshop started in time i.e. 11:00 AM sharply and continued till 12:45 PM. To popularise the workshop a flyer was prepared containing registration link with QR code to get registered for the workshop.

Initially, Mr. R. Dayal, Head Deptt. of IT, welcomed the Resource person Mr. Abhinav Kumar and also introduced the theme as “JavaScript is a prototype based, multi paradigm, single threaded, dynamic language, supporting object oriented, imperative and declarative styles. It is most well known as the scripting language for Web pages” After the introduction of theme, formal introduction of Mr. Abinav Kumar Sr. Consultant, Capgemini India, Pune given be the Moderator Ms. Raj Sinha, Asst Professor, thereafter requested him to start the workshop.

Mr. Kumar started with the Basic Principles of JavaScript, its evolution and its future in interactive web applications. He effectively explained the paradigm used in Javascript for developing dynamic and interactive web pages. The motive of any workshop is to ‘learning by doing’ was effectively followed during the whole session.

He used online editor ( and did coding to erect a Registration form. Initially, described about its design, followed by interfacing and security and also done coding in the session depicting the role & importance of using that very way. Also talked about various platforms like Jquery, One View, Angular, React etc. are handy and quick to develop websites.

He advised students that before directly jumping to the code go through the basic and fundamentals of programming language. Reiterated, that logical thinking is utmost requirement for problem solving skills. He also gave some tips to students, “Where to start”.

Finally, explained what Industry (Employer) wants, “Be Industry ready”. After completion of the session a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Raj Sinha, Asstt. Prof. Deptt. of IT, and in meantime Ms. Jaya Kumari and Ms. Vandana Verma shared feedback link and generated and forwarded certificates respectively.